Surfaces for highest demand of wear and corrosion resistance

Surfaces for highest demand of wear and corrosion resistance

Wear protection with BODYCLAD® - Comprehensive advice and production Customized wear protection solutions: Precise - Efficient - Durable


BODYCLAD® is a range of brazed and sintered CerMet coatings developed by EUROMAT GmbH for demanding wear and corrosion protection. These coatings offer special abrasion-minimized surface protection for extreme wear, corrosion and impact stresses, even under high temperature loads.

This program was developed on the basis of many years of experience, material expertise and a profound understanding of surface analysis, material and process selection. Thanks to extensive project and process experience, EUROMAT has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of brazed wear protection solutions based on metal-ceramic (CerMet).

BODYCLAD® is suitable for new part coatings as well as for repairs, e.g. sealing surfaces, guides, molds, tools, etc. The coatings can also be given special functions. E.g. defined roughness for special gripping or friction tasks.


The focus of the coatings is on solutions with tapes. Tapes are flexible mats produced using powder metallurgy, which are applied to surfaces and then heat-treated. As a result, the tape is sintered/soldered to the base material on a diffusion basis in a dense and crack-free metallurgical process. Depending on the process variant, heat treatment takes place in a vacuum, under inert gas or in an atmosphere. Heat sources can be furnaces, induction, flames or lasers. Tape technology has recently been expanded to include coatings with powders or slurries as well as brazing of tungsten carbide and ceramics. These coatings offer particularly sustainable benefits thanks to the use of secondary raw materials.


Unlike welding, for example, there is no remelting with the base material during build-up brazing. As a result, the layers are dense, crack-free and smooth. The adhesive strength is extremely high and exceeds that of thermally sprayed coatings many times over, for example. The coating design can be customized depending on the task and requirement profile. For example, the coating thicknesses range from a few tenths of a millimeter to centimeters. The coating matrix hardness ranges from 20 HRC (e.g. for sealing surface recontouring) to 65-70 HRC (e.g. for wear protection). In addition, up to 90 wt.% carbides can be introduced into the layers. Tungsten carbide is used as standard. Depending on the requirements and temperature

From plastics processing to agricultural, food, transportation, chemical, conveying, separating, granulating, mixing, braking, energy, processing, recycling and safety technology, BODYCLAD® coatings offer unique wear protection.

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